American versions
  1. Prisoner of Azkaban
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    Everyone on this cover is having the time. of. their. damn. lives. Look at Buckbeak's face. Bonus points for the rare Hermione sighting.
  2. Goblet of Fire
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    There's just so much going on here. All four champions and all three tasks with room to spare for Harry's inexplicable 30-foot-long wand.
  3. Sorcerer's Stone
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    Solid debut effort. Points given for showing Fluffy, points taken for making Fluffy bigger than the entire damn castle.
  4. Order of the Phoenix
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    Not much going on here, but I'm biased because this is my favorite book in the series.
  5. Deathly Hallows
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    Again, not much happening, but the back cover finally shows us a glimpse at Voldemort's post-botched-plastic-surgery lizard face so.
  6. Half-Blood Prince
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    Ugh not the Cave of Eternal Death and Sadness.
  7. Chamber of Secrets
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    This damn cover. Can we talk about what's happening here? How Fawkes appears to be flying with one abnormally huge wing while looking concerned that baby-face Harry Potter is definitely gonna yank all his tail feathers out? How that's maybe the snake in the background but also maybe just its skin because it looks weird? How the sword of Gryffindor is now pirate-themed? 10/10 would recommend the plot, but hot damn, this cover.
  8. This is honestly my favorite list I've ever written.