Where do we begin.
  1. Book 1 - Hermione LIES TO A TEACHER to cover for Harry and Ron when they took down the mountain troll.
  2. Book 2 - Hermione pulls a Walter White and BREWS A DAMN COMPLEX POTION for a DAMN MONTH in the middle of a haunted GIRLS BATHROOM.
  3. Book 2 - Hermione SINGLEHANDEDLY solves the whole basilisk situation and manages to not only save her own life BUT ALSO SOMEONE ELSE'S with her nifty mirror trick.
    You owe Hermione your soul, Penelope Clearwater.
  4. Book 3 - THE SLAP.
    No further explanation needed.
  5. Book 3 - Hermione TRAVELS BACK IN TIME EVERY DAY in order to take MORE CLASSES than is HUMANLY POSSIBLE at the age of THIRTEEN.
  6. Book 4 - Hermione deals with the great Harry/Ron fight of '93 LIKE A DAMN CHAMP.
  7. Book 4 - Hermione starts dating an older foreign exchange student because she checked the backup fridge and it turns out SHE ACTUALLY HAS ZERO FUCKS TO GIVE ABOUT ANYONE'S OPINION OF HER.
  8. Book 4 - SPEW.
  9. Book 4 - Hermione looks so good showing up to the Yule Ball that her best friends LITERALLY DO NOT RECOGNIZE HER.
  10. Book 4 - Hermione PUTS Rita Skeeter in her PLACE.
  11. Book 5 - Hermione READS THE WHOLE DAMN DEFENSE AGAINST THE DARK ARTS TEXTBOOK by the first day of class and recites it FROM MEMORY for that HELL HAG UMBRIDGE.
  13. Book 5 - Hermione, a crafty witch if there EVER WAS ONE, curses the Dumbledore's Army sign up sheet so that SNITCHES DO IN FACT GET STITCHES.
  14. Book 6 - Hermione CHEATS DURING QUIDDITCH TRYOUTS to give that bitch Ron A FIGHTING CHANCE.
  15. Book 6 - Hermione PHYSICALLY ATTACKS RON with BIRDS that she CREATED.
  16. Book 7 - Hermione has the FORESIGHT to pack a GETAWAY BAG should they ever get ATTACKED (they do.).
  17. Book 7 - Hermione is subjected to TORTURE with a KNIFE and you KNOW she's just thinking IS THAT ALL YOU GOT BITCH in her mind the whole time.
  18. Book 7 - Hermione's apparating skills are on. point. this. book.
  19. Book 7 - Let's be real, girl probably killed a few people during the Battle of Hogwarts.
  20. Book 7 Epilogue - Hermione brings home the bacon and takes SPEW to the NEXT DAMN LEVEL.
  21. Every Book - Hermione is always right
  22. Every Book - Hermione saves everyone's lives.
  23. Every Book - Hermione 👏does 👏not 👏give 👏a 👏shitting 👏fuck.
  24. Ladies and Gentlemen
  25. Hermione.
  26. Motherfucking.
  27. Granger.