Alternate title: "Handbells and Garlic Rolls: Worlds Collide"
  1. You guys.
  2. A small miracle happened yesterday.
  3. The stars aligned.
  4. And ya boy @joemurphy
  5. And ya girl @brynelle
  6. Met up in Atlanta for pizza.
  7. Proof for the haters.
  8. Here's a few things I learned about everyone's favorite Illinois lister, the city of Atlanta, and life in general:
  9. 1. I've lived in or near Atlanta my entire life, and there's an entire part of the city that I've never been to. It's where all the rich people live, and all the buildings look like something out of Star Trek.
    There's also like, so many fountains and statues of children. Like who are all these children and why are they important enough to be immortalized in stone.
  10. 2. It's surprisingly difficult to navigate using Google Maps while walking, even if the pizza place is only a couple blocks away.
    This is where the "quest" part of the title comes in. Or maybe I just have absolutely no trace of a sense of direction.
  11. 3. @brynelle will totally get into a car with a stranger.
  12. 4. @brynelle likes margherita pizza.
  13. 5. Notre Dame is in Indiana.
    Not North Carolina or California. I'm not good at geography.
  14. 6. @brynelle is actually a chemical engineer, despite the fact that I 50% thought she majored in handbells in college.
  15. 7. In college, @brynelle had several missed connections with Taylor Swift's brother. They were clearly star-crossed lovers, but the timing was just never right.
    I told her she should have locked that down for the ca$h money. She agreed.
  16. 8. @brynelle knows a lot about Lifetime original movies.
    She taught me the ropes of teen pregnancy pacts, Amish tie-ins, and the tv show "Unreal."
  17. 9. Even the nicest parts of Atlanta are sketchy AF sometimes.
    Bless it's heart, Atlanta is just a sketchy city.
  18. 10. I should definitely become a professional tour guide, because I am very good at it.
    Some of my classic catch phrases include "I don't know where we are," "I've never been here before," and "I don't get out much." We did get to witness a bicyclist scream at a driver for cutting him off, so never say I didn't show you a good time @brynelle.
  19. 11. @brynelle isn't afraid to go for the red velvet ice cream like a classy BOSS.
    Whereas yours truly stuck with the safe peanut butter.
  20. 12. The place where @brynelle had her job interview looks like the headquarters of a Spider-Man villain.
    Which is what I'm pretty sure she will become if she gets the job there.