(Also check out @dudleyjoshua 's earlier version of this list here: TEN COMMANDMENTS OF LIST APP)
  1. Thou shalt mentally high five thine own self if and when a famous person comments on thine list, but thou must also remember that they are people too, and therefore thou must keep thine cool and don't get crazy.
  2. Thou shalt dispense thine own unique point of view in a reasonable and constructive manner, and thou shalt welcome criticism if it be justly given.
  3. Thou shalt never create spam accounts, creepily stalk people, or argue for argument's sake, lest thou be labeled an Internet troll.
    In the words of St. John the Baptist, "Keep that shit on Twitter."
  4. Though shalt not ❤️ thine own list, for to do so is to commit the most basic of List App sins.
  5. Thou shalt use gifs in a classy, sophisticated manner.
  6. Thou shalt follow @dfly.
  7. Thou shalt not request a list of @dfly, for doing so would blaspheme the very aesthetic that @dfly hath sought to build.
  8. Thou shalt support thine own particular group of List App buds through the frequent use of the "like" and/or "relist" button, regardless of whether or not they may deserve such high praise.
  9. Thou shalt relist a list to which thine suggestion has been added.
  10. Thou shalt speak thine own mind with passion and be true to thine own self.
  11. Thou shalt boldly bet on thine own comedy skills by striving to make thine lists funny and a little surprising.