If you ever need someone to do these things with moderately good results, I'm your man
  1. Telling the difference between Doric, Ionic, and Corinthian columns
    At least two of these can be seen in the movie Hercules, which is probably historically inaccurate.
  2. Kicking a corner kick in a soccer game
    I'll set you up for a header 7/10 times.
  3. Math
    I got you boo.
  4. Escape games
    Like, on the computer. Just give me time and a sufficient number of completely insane clues. I will bust out of that room.
  5. Connecting movies via actors
    I can play this game forever. I'm better at this than @marymurphy
  6. Picking movies
    I have great taste. (I have ok taste)
  7. Knowing what that actor is from
    I am very Wikipedia-fluent.
  8. The List App
    First social media thing I've ever been semi popular on. It's a high like crack cocaine.