Inspired by literally one billion people but probably @bjnovak
  1. Movies/TV
    Dramas centering on family relationships, with hints of sci-fi
  2. Dogs
    Smart ones with just a hint of batshit-crazy-I-see-things-that-aren't-there
  3. Humor
    Movie/TV-based, with a classy amount of cuss words and all-caps thrown in
  4. Food
    Things that contain large amounts of cheese in some form
  5. People
    The ones you go to Waffle House with
  6. Shirts
    Cheap yet surprisingly high-quality 90s cartoon-themed shirts from Target
  7. Music
    Right now, that one Moby song at the end of the last episode of Stranger Things
  8. Cake
    Yellow cake, chocolate icing, like God intended
  9. Sandwiches
    Peanut butter and GRAPE jelly til I die, fuckers
  10. Exercise
    Walking around my neighborhood for miles thinking about life and the universe and how I'm going to pay to fix my car, but also, like, keeping Pokemon Go open on the DL and waiting for the vibration
  11. Cookies
    The oatmeal chocolate chip ones that my landlady randomly made and gave to me because this day was rough
  12. Online games Holy shit you guys I can't stop playing and I've gotten everyone at my work hooked on it too and I feel like Gwyneth Paltrow in Contagion