This is kinda a mega conglomeration of your standard "my favorite" lists. I mostly just wanted to use the new image search function. I think I covered all the important topics. (I didn't, but like, I DID, you know?) Please don't steal my identity.
  1. Favorite movie
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    The Lord of the Rings (I'm cheating cuz there's 3)
  2. Favorite underrated movie
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    The Impossible
  3. Other favorite underrated movie
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    Super 8
  4. Third favorite underrated movie this is the last one I promise
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    The Brothers Bloom
  5. Fourth favorite underrated movie lol I lied I have no soul
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    Scott Pilgrim vs the World
  6. Favorite TV show
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  7. Favorite color
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    Cobalt blue
  8. Favorite food
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    Fettuccine with chicken
  9. Favorite character in The Breakfast Club
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  10. Favorite class in college
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    Film Technology
  11. Favorite film score composer
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    Thomas Newman
  12. Favorite decade of music
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    All of the 80s
  13. Favorite band
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    Fleetwood Mac
  14. Favorite disguise that Roger the alien uses on American Dad
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    Jean Louise Finch
  15. Favorite president
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    My boy Teddy
  16. Favorite apocalypse situation
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  17. Favorite animal
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    Killer whale
  18. Favorite cuss word
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  19. Favorite type of column
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  20. Favorite Calvin and Hobbes alter ego
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    Tracer Bullet