The fact that Harry wasted what might be the most powerful magical thing in existence is my biggest complaint about the Harry Potter series
    I get that you have to take it in small doses, but come on
  2. A map of every place in the world Voldemort hid a horcrux
    The seventh book would be like 20 pages long
  3. Unlimited money
    This probably wouldn't work because magical laws or something but did Ron SERIOUSLY not try?
  4. A pizza place
    Because I don't think they have pizza at Hogwarts and that bothers me
  5. A bouncy castle version of Hogwarts
    I don't really have/need an explanation for this
  6. A second quidditch field
    For practices/tryouts
  7. A real-life version of the Rainbow Road MarioKart track
  8. A movie theater
  9. A laser tag arena
    Dumbledore would be high score champion in a hot second
  10. Like, I don't know, a big wardrobe?
    I feel like they all need better clothes
  11. A frozen yogurt shop
    But I would charge the other kids to come in, prompting a revolution in the kitchens once the house elves realize there's this thing called paid labor
  12. Like, a guidance counselor office?
    This is basically a damn high school full of hormonal teenagers carrying around the most powerful weapons known to mankind in their pockets. They probably need this.
  13. An electric screwdriver
    I always over estimate my strength
    Suggested by @CoolStoryKlo
  14. The answers to all that homework Hermione is always having to help them on.
    Basically the answer keys for all their work.
    Suggested by @annalara
  15. The wardrobe to Narnia
    Bc hate it here can't wait to graduate ugh
    Suggested by @marymurphy