Things We Don't Talk About Enough

  1. Shere Khan legit murdered that wolf in front of his kids.
  2. Stiles's dad and Lydia's mom on Teen Wolf are married in real life.
  3. The Witch King exploded Gandalf's staff in the extended edition of Return of the King, and this was just never addressed.
  4. The US Women's soccer team is SO effing good.
  5. There's people who LIVE in outer space right now.
  6. Treasure Planet is like, so great.
  7. Antarctica. What's goin on there?
  8. The official smartest person in the entire Marvel comic book universe is Lunella Lafayette. She's 9.
  9. Buzz like, legit flew at the end of Toy Story. That was not gliding. He's a heavy plastic toy.