Thoughts of Episode 7: The Handmaid's Tale

@iammeghanmurray I'm glad SOMEONE understands my priorities. This is basically a list of my random/confused/distraught thoughts while watching this week's episode. @marymurphy don't read this if you're gonna watch the show. Ugh.
  1. Alright I like Luke more now than I did before, but I still think there's something fishy going on there. HE WILL BETRAY OFFRED IN THE FUTURE OUT OF JEALOUSY, MARK MY WORDS.
  2. For half a second I thought that the woman who rescued Luke was Jocelyn from A Knight's Tale and my first thought was THANK GOD SHANNYN SOSSAMON IS STILL WORKING.
    It wasn't her.
  3. This realization:
  4. If they were that close to the Canadian border, they shoulda just huffed it through the woods in the night. The kid woulda been fine.
  5. Um, I still don't understand how the Mexican ambassador's assistant even knew what Offred looked like. Or how he knew about Luke. What are the connections there.
  6. Offred probably coulda mentioned in her note that she doesn't know where Hannah is. Come on Offred. It's all in the details.
  7. Offred and Nick better QUIT IT now that Luke is officially alive (but also not at all because I ship it so hard, who even cares about Luke).