I have a lot. Of thoughts. Not cardigans. I have only one cardigan.
  1. Woah this is soft
  2. The material is really thin yet warm
  3. Perfect for fall in New England
  4. Right?
  5. I don't know
  6. I don't even know if Maryland is apart of new england
  7. I didn't think I would be able to pull off such an extreme V-neck
  8. Does it even count as a V-neck though?
  9. I mean, there's buttons
  10. How do people walk around with jackets and cardigans that are unbuttoned?
  11. Whenever I do that it blows in the wind and gets caught in my arms and it's just a mess
  12. I prefer to be swaddled
  13. I wear my clothes like a baby wears their clothes
  14. Wrapped like a burrito
  15. Am I allowed to wear a shirt with letters on it beneath the cardigan?
  16. I'm going to play it safe for a while and wear solid colors beneath until I see someone wearing otherwise
  17. I'm sure I look hipster-ish now, but I would probably need glasses before that really became a thing
  18. Damn this thing is comfortable
  19. And it was cheap too
  20. I look so damn good in this cardigan