Thoughts on Westworld So Far

Spoilers. You get it.
  1. I say my rosary to Maeve and no one else.
  2. When Dolores finally got rid of her blue dress and switched to Indiana Jones mode, I'm pretty sure I had an existential moment.
  3. Prince Caspian can literally go eat a bag 'o decks. He is the Viserys Targaryen of this show, and he is not long for this world.
  4. I am a fan of the multiple timeline theory, but the show seems HELLBENT on making it as confusing as possible.
  5. Much like the prison guards on Orange is the New Black, no one who works at Westworld is mentally sound enough to be working at Westworld. Like they're all the worst.
  6. I think Elsie is gonna be the first human to die.
  7. I think Jeffrey Wright is gonna kill her cuz he's the one doing all the satellite nonsense.
  8. I think Arnold uploaded his consciousness into Dolores, and now she's got a whole Gollum thing going.
  9. Poor Teddy.
  10. Coolest moment of the show so far: Maeve and Paulo from LOST going down in a hail of bullets
  11. Theory for season 2: Maeve escapes into the real world, has to blend in