Alternate title: "I'm Probably Dead Inside." With guest writer @marymurphy cuz she's sitting right next to me
  1. The end of Toy Story 3
    I think the part where they think they're about to die in the furnace is wayyyy more emotional than the ending?
  2. @marymurphy: Inside Out
    "Nothing. I felt nothing. Fuck Bozo or whatever his name was."
  3. Any of Drake's songs
  4. @marymurphy: Silly Bandz
    "I didn't get it"
  5. 99% of the concerts I've ever been to
    I've realized I'm not a concert person.
  6. Any part of The Shawshank Redemption
    Giphy downsized medium
    I just don't get it, I'm sorry.
  7. @marymurphy: High School Musical
    "Like what the fuck"
  8. The "Door" episode of Game of Thrones
    Ok I felt like a tiny bit of things, but nowhere near the level of things that the Internet apparently felt
  9. The Fault in Our Stars
    I did not cry. Not even a single tear.
    Suggested by @lesleyann
  10. The Notebook (all of it)
    Oh wow, two shitty, moronic, selfish, manipulative, & abusive dicks magically died in each other's ancient arms? So glad I spent 123 minutes of my life watching that! (I also don't get why everyone is constantly losing their shit over Ryan Gosling & his beady little eyes 😐)
    Suggested by @crackdkettle
  11. A walk to remember.
    Nada. I was passing tissues to my sisters like 😐
    Suggested by @NaziaN
  12. Being a baby
    Everyone was like - so cute omg let's hold her and take pictures of her !! and I was like "if you're not feeding me just give me space pls."
    Suggested by @hannazoeo
  13. When your team just lost 'the big game'
    I like to watch sports, it's just not very important. And throwing stuff, crying and ranting on Facebook? Have another beer, dude.
    Suggested by @angela3950