1. When I punched my brother in the face for the first time.
    We were play wrestling and I took it a tad too far. The world froze for half a second and then I boooooked it up the stairs. Did not make it.
  2. When I was at my friend's family reunion in Illinois and I crashed this old man's golf cart and he yelled at me and I just went and sat in my tent for like 6 hours.
    This is one of those memories you think about trying to go to sleep at night and cringe.
  3. When this girl in my 9th grade English class got up and read a paragraph about having an eating disorder and started crying and I had been homeschooled my whole life up til then and I didn't know what an eating disorder was and I asked her why she was crying in front of the whole class.
    9th grade Joe was a fuckkkkkkkkkkkking hemorrhoid when it came to social interactions.
  4. When I left @marymurphy alone at a night football game in high school.
    And got skinnnnnned by the rents when we got home.
  5. When I yawned right in front of my teacher while she was talking and looking right at me and she called me the fuck out for it.
    Yeah 10th grade Joe wasn't much better.
  6. When we had a "Great Gatsby" themed party in the library at school and I pretended to be drunk a little too hard and I got a little too hyper active and that same teacher called me the fuck out for it and told me to quit.
    High school was just one big social learning experience after another if I'm being honest.
  7. That one time in intramural dodgeball in college when I ran way too fast at the beginning trying to get the ball and definitely stepped like 5 feet over the line and was the first one out like a friggin noob.