Tiny Moments in Movies that I Love

These parts didn't really have to be in their movies for the plot to function, but I'm so glad they are
  1. Goob's biased flashback sequence in Meet the Robinsons
  2. Most of Kim's scenes in Scott Pilgrim vs the World, but this one in particular
  3. The running gag in Penguins of Madagascar where Dave the evil octopus keeps on throwing celebrity names into conversations and no one notices
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  6. Every scene with Master Chicken in Kung Fu Panda 3
  7. When the Whomping Willow kills the annoying bird in Prisoner of Azkaban
  8. When Eowyn makes that stew for Aragorn in The Two Towers and it's like really shitty but he has to pretend to like it because she's sitting right there
  9. In Jumanji, when Peter is trying to find the axe but the shed door is locked so he picks up an axe to try and break it down and then he realizes and breaks the fourth wall
  10. When River makes this face in Serenity
  11. When Jack tries to grab the map in On Stranger Tides, and the skeleton just turns and stares at him until he puts it back
  12. In Home Alone 2 when Kevin's mom tells the police officer that it's "Kevin" with a "K" and then she realizes
  13. Jennifer Lawrence's facial expressions during the lunch scene in American Hustle
  14. The Beastie Boys part in Star Trek Beyond
    Ok this isn't really a tiny moment and it didn't really make any sense but it was probably my favorite scene of any movie this year and maybe ever