Top 10 Favorite "Crazy Ex Girlfriend" Songs

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  1. 10.
    The Math of Love Triangles "We're starting to suspect you don't sincerely wanna know about triangles..."
  2. 9.
    Put Yourself First (In a Sexy Way) "It's a Möbius strip. It's snake eats tail. It's the infinity sign. Get a tattoo of the infinity sign."
  3. 8.
    Face Your Fears "Literally touch the stars"
  4. 7.
    The Sexy Getting Ready Song
  5. 6.
    Feeling Kinda Naughty "Sorry I said that creepy stuff out loud..."
  6. 5.
    Dream Ghost "We pay out of pocket for dental!"
  7. 4.
    Stuck in the Bathroom
  8. 3.
    JAP Rap "I'm street smart." "You mean cuz you minored in urban planning? Bitch."
  9. 2.
    What a Rush to Be a Bride I honestly just lost it at this part
  10. 1.
    Friendtopia "We're gonna braid each other's hair then cut each other's braids, connect the braids, to build a rope, to hang. all of. congress."