1. "I would pick Nick Jonas to be trapped in space with"
  2. "I should probably just switch my major to be a botanist"
  3. "If you get in a spinal accident and can't move I'll use you to write a book and win awards"
  4. "Like you can't go wrong with Peter Pan you can however just completely throw up all over it and shoot it into space and then just final cut whatever comes out of Miley Cyrus's butt hole. But you still can't go wrong with Peter Pan because it's Peter Pan."
  5. This
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  6. "For some reason I just feel like I am about to fall down. At like any point ever. Even when I'm sitting."
  7. "When I was little I used to play with marbles by myself. There was like a class system though. There were lord marbles and servant marbles."
  8. "Narnia was real good. And it had no right to attack me like it did."
  9. "For some reason, I want a lot of dart throwing at my funeral. Like get a picture of Dennis Quaid and just go ham."
  10. "Can you hold this?"