@k8mcgarry great list idea please never use the word vessels again
  1. The Magic School Bus
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    The OG magical way to get from one place to another. An obvious first choice.
  2. The Millennium Falcon
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    But NOT the Enterprise. Wars>>>>Trek.
  3. A dragon
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    Have you met me?
  4. The catbus from My Neighbor Totoro
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    I have never seen this movie. I don't know why I know this is a thing.
  5. Howl's moving castle
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    I did see this movie, and I thought it was super boring. But then I saw it a SECOND time, and I still thought it was super boring. Not the film for me, but that castle is sick.
  6. A firebolt
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    Oh hell yes, 8 days a week
  7. Cloaked in shadow atop a griffin
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    Like so:
  8. Rollerblades
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    No explanation needed
  9. A giant slide
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    The logistics alone are a damn nightmare, but can you imagine?
  10. A ridiculously impractical Dr. Seuss car
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    Just to show all the punks how much money I can spend