My recommended videos are a hot mess. Spoilers? Whatever.
  1. Juliet blowing up the hydrogen bomb on LOST
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  2. Sam's speech in The Two Towers
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  3. When Frodo leaves everyone at the end of Fellowship and Sam follows and almost drowns and then they bro hug and go save the world
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  4. The Harry Potter 4 trailer where it shows how they've all grown up over the past 4 movies
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  5. The part in Prisoner of Azkaban when Harry makes the patronus. The big patronus.
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  6. When Dany frees the Unsullied on Game of Thrones
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  7. When Tyrion has his trial on Game of Thrones and Shae stabs him in the back/heart and Tyrion just goes fuck it and says what everyone is thinking
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  8. The one trailer for season 2 of Game of Thrones with the Florence and the Machine song
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  9. When they just decide to get married in the middle of a battle circling a maelstrom in Pirates of the Caribbean 3
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  10. When Tina crashes the car on Bob's Burgers
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  11. The ending of Warrior
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  12. The Katayanagi twin battle in Scott Pilgrim vs the World
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  13. When Roger finds out they deleted episodes of Bones off the DVR in American Dad
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  14. When Michael Scott tells everyone the branch is closing on The Office and then makes this face
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  15. The ending of Slumdog Millionaire
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  16. When Tim Conway tells the elephant story on The Carol Burnette Show
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  17. When Leslie tells the people from Eagleton that they have five seconds to get out of her face
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  18. Literally any scene from The Impossible because holy SHIT that movie is 💯
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