TV Relationships I Don't Understand

Help me y'all.
  1. Tyra and Julie, Friday Night Lights
    Why are they friends.
  2. Jaime and Cersei, Game of Thrones
    Honestly what are they both getting out of this? A sarcastic conversation partner? Jaime is only with Cersei because he's just never been with anyone else, and Cersei always just seems annoyed whenever she's with Jaime. At this point I only think they're together because they're in too deep and everyone knows about them and no one else is gonna touch that shit. Jaime should geh' out tho.
  3. Joyce and Hopper, Stranger Things
    What's goin on there.
  4. Nancy and Steve, Stranger Things
    Ugh I get it BUT I DON'T WANT TO
  5. Daya and Bennett, Orange Is the New Black
    They both dropped the L-bomb way too early in my opinion.
  6. 90% of the relationships on Glee, post-season 2
    Let's just not even open this jar of nonsensical, inconsistent crazy.