Ironically, Friends is not on this list
  1. The one with the aliens that I'm pretty sure only I watched
  2. The one that makes me laugh harder than any other
  3. The one with Tina
  4. The one that I will literally never finish
  5. The one that started out ok, and then it got good, and then it got goooooood
  6. The one with the murder motel that I'm pretty sure only I watch
  7. The one with Maggie Smith
  8. The one that is Family Guy
  9. The one that is less popular but secretly funnier than Family Guy
  10. The one that got old like 4 years ago
  11. The one on Netflix that I'm pretty sure only I watched
  12. The one with Crazy Eyes
  13. The one where he talks to the camera
  14. The one that I freaking loved for a few seasons and now feel kinda bad that I haven't finished
  15. The one with the Airbender
  16. The one that I didn't think was as good as The Last Airbender oh my gosh PLEASE DON'T HURT ME INTERNET
  17. The one that took me so long to finish but I watch YouTube clips all the time
  18. The one where Amy Poehler kills it
  19. The one where Steve Carell kills it
  20. The one that taught me that it's never lupus. Until it's lupus.
  21. The one that pushes my damn buttons
  22. The one that was actually pretty good for a couple seasons and then sucked
  23. The one that was only good in the first season
  24. The one that is criminally underrated
    This is Shameless you guys. Go watch it.
  25. The one with the clever British people
  26. The one that killed in its first season and died in its second
  27. The one that strikes gold about every 10 episodes
  28. The one that is my guilty pleasure please do not judge me oh my gosh it is so good
  29. The one with the wedding
  30. The one that I will always love above all else no matter what the haters say