Ironically, Friends is not on this list
  1. The one with the aliens that I'm pretty sure only I watched
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  2. The one that makes me laugh harder than any other
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  3. The one with Tina
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  4. The one that I will literally never finish
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  5. The one that started out ok, and then it got good, and then it got goooooood
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  6. The one with the murder motel that I'm pretty sure only I watch
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  7. The one with Maggie Smith
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  8. The one that is Family Guy
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  9. The one that is less popular but secretly funnier than Family Guy
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  10. The one that got old like 4 years ago
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  11. The one on Netflix that I'm pretty sure only I watched
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  12. The one with Crazy Eyes
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  13. The one where he talks to the camera
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  14. The one that I freaking loved for a few seasons and now feel kinda bad that I haven't finished
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  15. The one with the Airbender
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  16. The one that I didn't think was as good as The Last Airbender oh my gosh PLEASE DON'T HURT ME INTERNET
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  17. The one that took me so long to finish but I watch YouTube clips all the time
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  18. The one where Amy Poehler kills it
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  19. The one where Steve Carell kills it
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  20. The one that taught me that it's never lupus. Until it's lupus.
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  21. The one that pushes my damn buttons
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  22. The one that was actually pretty good for a couple seasons and then sucked
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  23. The one that was only good in the first season
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  24. The one that is criminally underrated
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    This is Shameless you guys. Go watch it.
  25. The one with the clever British people
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  26. The one that killed in its first season and died in its second
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  27. The one that strikes gold about every 10 episodes
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  28. The one that is my guilty pleasure please do not judge me oh my gosh it is so good
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  29. The one with the wedding
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  30. The one that I will always love above all else no matter what the haters say
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