Inspired by @jenniferm
  1. Glee
    Absolute garbage after season 2.
  2. Falling Skies
    I. Fucking. Loved. This show. For the first two seasons. And then it just got so weird and boring and stupid. I still haven't finished the last few episodes.
  3. Shameless
    Ohhhhhhh Shameless. You piece of shit. You know what you did. You know evvvvvverything you did. You used to have heart and I loved you so much, and then around season 4 you made me hate literally every character. I'm serious. I don't like any of them anymore. IT'S COMING BACK IN OCTOBER THOUGH.
  4. American Horror Story
    The first season was good, the second season tried to cram in wayyyy too many things (Nazis, aliens, serial killers, the devil), the third season pulled a classic Ryan Murphy and gradually turned its characters into one-dimensional nothings that didn't make sense, and I stopped halfway through the fourth season.
  5. The Office
  6. Sherlock if I'm being honest
    The third season was not solid. We all know it. I'm just saying it. The second season is phenomenal though.
  7. Preacher
    What the actual fuck was that ending though.
  8. The Walking Dead
    The entire Beth hospital storyline was a train wreck and no one can say otherwise.