Twins, Ranked

This is it this is all of the twins.
  1. Timmy and Tommy, Arthur
    They were awful.
  2. The Quantico Twins
    I don't know anything about this show other than the fact that one of the characters is secretly a twin, and they switch out sometimes.
  3. Sandy and Dennys, A Wrinkle in Time
    I'm assuming you pronounce that like a fancy Dennis and not like the popular fast food breakfast locale. Also they're boring.
  4. Tia and Tamara, Sister Sister
    I never really watched this show.
  5. The Matrix Twins
    THE whitest guys you know.
  6. Cersei and Jaime, Game of Thrones
    Sure, they're fun to watch and they have each other's backs, but they are honestly just terrible people. Like. Build a bridge and get over yourselves. You are not the only people in this universe.
  7. The Riverdale Twins
    Lol not anymore amirite
  8. Jessica and Kim, Cheaper by the Dozen
    This one's tough, cuz Kim's lame but Jessica's cool sometimes (The Ultimate, Brutal Ranking of the Cheaper by the Dozen Kids). So they're not the worst and they're not the best.
  9. Zack and Cody, Suite Life
    They're ok? London was the standout.
  10. Padma and Pavarti, Harry Potter
    It still enrages me that the fascist Hogwarts system forced the Patil twins to live apart from each other for 7 formative years. Probably messed up their relationship for life. But I love all the random and slightly sassy times that they crop up in every book.
  11. Ethan and Aiden, Teen Wolf
    They're alright as long as you don't think about the biological ramifications of their ability to morph together into one super-werewolf.
  12. Jacob and the Man in Black, LOST
    Drama queens. Both of them.
  13. Kyle and Nigel, Cheaper by the Dozen
    Such pranksters.
  14. Desna and Eska, The Legend of Korra
    Ahahahaha, I literally just now remembered that they were a thing because of this list, they were insane, Aubrey Plaza is hilarious.
  15. Luke and Leia, Star Wars
    Leia's so much cooler but I guess she DID get the better end of that split-the-kids-up-at-infancy bargain.
  16. Wanda and Pietro, The Avengers
    At least they're both alive in the X-Men universe.
  17. Hallie and Annie, The Parent Trap
    Peak Lohan, don't argue with me. Also I'm just now thinking that I would 100% pay to watch a Parent Trap remake, set in the Star Wars universe, starring Luke and Leia. Like, they meet and switch places and try to act like each other and everything.
  18. Andy and Ollie, Bob's Burgers
    Ride or dies.
  19. Fred and George, Harry Potter
    Lol not anymore amirite
  20. Mary Kate and Ashley
    Sometimes royalty is royalty for a reason.