With the release of the latest season 7 trailer, there has been talk going around that everyone's favorite traumatized redhead might not make it through this one. I personally have been on Team Sansa since DAY ONE (of season 6), but how about we take a moment to just lean the eff in for the hell of it and brainstorm on these rumors, shall we?
  1. Being betrayed by Little Finger
    The most obvious option. I have a sneaking suspicion that season 7 is going to be Sansa vs. Petyr: Mind Game Octagon Death Match 3000 Xtreme. She'll sense that he wants to break up the Starks for good, she'll try to outsmart him, and she'll fail. But I like to think that she takes Petyr down with her. Preferably by dragging him through the moon door.
  2. Betraying Jon
    Or rather, betraying the inevitable Jon/Dany alliance. Something tells me that Sansa is not going to be Dany's biggest fan, and although this is a long shot, she might just go rogue against Club Targaryan, forcing Jon to put. her. down.
  3. Lannister assassin???
    Let's not forget that Sansa is still Numero Uno on Cersei's Murder List, and Cersei still has quite a bit of power. I could see an assassin sneaking in and ending things right when we think everything is going well.
  4. Dying for her family
    I don't really know exactly howww this could happen, but with Sansa, Jon, Arya, and Bran all finally on a collision course with each other, there's never been a better time to jump in front of a speeding arrow for the ones you love.
  5. Taking her own life
    I don't see this happening at all, but girl has been through some shit. She might just reach a tipping point. She mentioned suicide briefly in season 6, and it would not be the craziest thing to happen on this show. But again, she would preferably take down Bitch Petyr in the process.
  6. Childbirth?
    Lol nah.
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  10. Maybe tho.