Weakest Links in Fictional Squads

Completely biased. Not necessarily based on strength or skill. Notable squads absent from this list because they have no weakest links: The Breakfast Club, The Incredibles, Oceans 11, The Belcher Family, The Baudelaire siblings, Artemis Fowl's Crew
  1. Hawkeye
    The Avengers
  2. Gimli
    The Fellowship of the Ring
  3. Susan
    The Pevensie siblings. Just barely tho. Susan's cool.
  4. Momo
    Team Avatar
  5. Ron
    The Potter Trifecta
  6. Charlie
    The Original LOST crew
  7. Christopher Robin
    Hundred Acre Wood Squad
  8. Sleeping Beauty
    The Disney Princess Lineup
  9. The Greyjoys
    The Great Houses of Westeros
  10. Tim
    The Magic School Bus Kids
  11. Gus
    The Recess Kids
  12. Budd
    The Deadly Viper Assassination Squad
  13. Hayden
    Team Wolf
  14. Ben
    The Skywalker Family
  15. The Hunter
    Disney Villain Lineup
  16. Chris
    The Griffin Family
  17. Domino
    Taylor Swift's Bad Blood Crew
  18. This one
    The Mad Max Wives Club
  19. Bones
    The USS Enterprise Crew
  20. Lenny
    Andy's Room