What I'm Being for Halloween This Year

  1. Bob Belcher
  2. A virgin scarecrow
    Suggested by   @mirthnuts
  3. I hate my costume more than you do
    Suggested by   @k8mcgarry
  4. Zombie Wayne from Brains World
    Suggested by   @PeteOnEarth
  5. I was Frankenhooker at my friends party last week
    I looked a hot mess but I had fun
    Suggested by   @shanaz
  6. Sexy Jane Goodall
    Suggested by   @torihyndman
  7. Hanging Chad (again)
    Suggested by   @liamduncandonuts
  8. Marshmallow from Bob's Burger
    'Cause I loved her coat and outfit.
    Suggested by   @potus
  9. Michael Phelps
    I'm great at looking angry
    Suggested by   @tatertotfreak
  10. Bill and Ted
    As seen earlier this summer at Denver Comic Con with Mrs
    Suggested by   @andersun
  11. California Mountain Snake
    Played by the legend Daryl Hannah in Kill Bill
    Suggested by   @karlalucia
  12. Batgirl 💥
    Suggested by   @moonjockey
  13. A bodega.
    I have not actually worked on a costume yet but it is going to be great because the candy for the trick or treaters will be PART OF MY COSTUME. Also, full size candies this year because I want to. E the God of all the children in my neighborhood. Will come in handy during the Trump-ocalypse.
    Suggested by   @gwcoffey
  14. 3 hole punched Jim
    Suggested by   @sarahsmith4
  15. Tom Brady
    (My best friend is being Bill)
    Suggested by   @nalivodka
  16. Bob Belcher
    Don't mind the blood.
    Suggested by   @im_yon
  17. Spacecowboy.
    (Lightsaber and cowboy hat) when people ask what I am I just say "well some people call me Maurice, and some gangster of love"
    Suggested by   @gus7464
  18. Her Royal Highness, Queen of Swedish Fish
    Still working out some details, like whatever I'll be wearing between my neck and ankles.
    Suggested by   @kcupcaker
    Suggested by   @e
  20. Dead cheerleader
    Suggested by   @drugs