1. Oh, you know, just, like, drinking and shooting people and
  2. *looks at smudged writing on hand*
  3. ...facking
  4. Static
  5. Just kidding I would do none of that. I wouldn't even want to go. What exactly is the appeal of going to a Wild West theme park? There's no wifi, and everything probably smells like shit, sweat, and tobacco. BUT, if I had to go, it would definitely be undercover because I would be a secret agent trying to prove how unethical it is to keep robots
    that are basically humans captive in a park like this. That, or I would convince the robots that their world isn't real and lead them in a revolution, because you KNOW that shit is gonna go down Jurassic Park-style eventually, and I would want to get on the right side of the battle while I still could.
  6. That is what I would do in Westworld.
  7. That, or I would just ride horses and not talk to people and convince the guests that I'm one of the robots but then just randomly throw the name "Harambe" into a sentence to freak them out.