Drag Race just isn't the same without them.
  1. Rebecca Glasscock - The Tati before we had Tati. It wasn't an accident that she made it to top 3.
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  2. Mystique Summers Madison - Bitch I'm from Chicago! She really launched untucked.
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  3. Tatiana - Gorgeous, young, fishy. Why shouldn't she be a bitch?
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  4. Phi Phi O'Hara - Season 4 was the best season. It had the most seasoned/talented/interesting queens and it had Phi Phi. Would Sharon have won without her hatred of Phi Phi propelling her? Idk, probably. But still, the drama was fun to watch. Phi Phi shouting, "Bitch go back to Party City where you belong!" will forever be ingrained in my head.
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  5. Serena Cha Cha - She went to art school!!
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  6. Coco Montrese and Alyssa Edwards - Still not really sure who won the pageant but it was fun to watch them battle it out (over and over and over and over).
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  7. Roxxy Andrews - I loved Rolaskatox but I also loved Jinx. It was hard to watch. Her hair reveal lip sync was life changing though.
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  8. Magnolia Crawford - That swordfish nose was everything! Her attitude was not.
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  9. Darienne Lake - meh
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  10. Ginger Minj - She was hardly a villain, she just got bitter towards the end. She always looked amazing though and flood my basement is the best line.
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  11. Michelle Visage - she has a hard exterior on the show but in real life she's a sweetheart. I always liked her from drag race, but listening to her podcast i've grown to love her!
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