Football > baseball. At least in my world. Inspired by being forced to watch the NLCS
  1. Football has quarters.
    This means you start the game knowing exactly when it's going to end. None of this six hour garbage.
  2. Super Bowl vs. World Series
    Again this is a timing issue for me. One game vs a potential seven games. Plus commercials are way better for the Super Bowl
  3. It's more exciting
    Baseball seems so repetitive with the same plays. You can anticipate in football but it's always different.
  4. Better uniforms & mascots
  5. Tailgating
    To be fair....I'm not sure if you tail gate at baseball games. But tailgating is pretty rad
  6. Guys wearing pink throughout October for Breast Cancer Awareness
  7. More attractive men play football
  8. Sunday football
    Yes, football games do happen on Thursdays and Mondays, but the majority take place Sunday. Excuse to be a couch potato all day long.
  9. I like the shape of football stadiums better than baseball stadiums.
  10. Half time shows
  11. I equate football with fall, my favorite season
  12. Offense, defense and special teams