You've been warned.
  1. You ate more calories than you burned today.
  2. You'll never be this exact age again. Only older.
  3. Someone died today. Quite a few actually.
  4. You didn't get around to working on that one thing today. You know the one.
  5. Your exes are doing just fine without you.
  6. You aren't volunteering enough.
  7. That bad habit you should quit but won't until it's too late.
  8. Adam Sandler is making another movie.
  9. Everybody dies alone.
  10. You use your phone too much.
    Also, it's probably giving you cancer.
  11. There is someone better than you at everything.
  12. You're wasting a lot of your money.
  13. And brain power.
  14. And potential.
  15. You read this list instead of doing something with your life.