There are others but these are biggies.
  1. Dogs.
    Rarely cats.
  2. Loud concert
    Probably some sort of DJ/dance music. Audio is DEFINITELY blown out.
  3. Selfies (v.1)
    You're cute. We get it.
  4. Selfies (v.2)
    Bashful/fake modest pictures where we're supposed to say, "no, you're not quirky, you're gorgeous!"
  5. Pictures of nature
    Mostly mountains, maybe some ocean. Overall boring.
  6. Talking to the camera like it's a friend
    This is the fucking worst. Usually combined with selfies (see #2 & #3).
  7. "Funny" picture using emojis and/or drawing tool
    Stop doing this.
  8. New York skyline
    Enough. We all know what it looks like.
  9. Food.
    If there's one picture of food, expect three more minimum.
  10. Some dude you don't know doing karaoke.
    Probably a mostly-forgotten '90s alt rock "classic." Probably an Eve 6 song.
  11. The ex looking happy.
    I have a problem.