I can't be the only one who needs this list.
  1. "It's really good!"
    Compliment right at the top. Keep it vague and just positive enough to not be suspicious.
  2. "Really well formatted"
    It probably isn't, but say it anyway.
  3. "Perfect title"
    They definitely put a lot of time into titling, and they were hoping someone (i.e. you) would notice.
  4. "This specific part was so suspenseful/hilarious/interesting"
    Find one thing to like and they'll forget about the massive pile of things you hate.
  5. "I couldn't stop reading!"
    ...because of the guilt I felt due to me promising I would read it, like, two months ago.
  6. "The only thing is that it's a little long."
    Every script is. He/she can accept that.