Disclaimer: I'm not claiming to know everything. If you see a flaw in my post, please point it out! I do not wish to be ignorant and do my best to avoid that. However, if you try to fight me, I will not respond, so don't waste your time.
  1. So I have seen where things on this here internet say that vegans can't eat honey.
  2. I guess that kind of makes sense.
  3. Because honey is an "animal product" made by bees.
  4. This is the definition of vegan : a strict vegetarian who consumes no animal food or dairy products; also : one who abstains from using animal products (as leather)
    Copy and pasted from Merriam-Webster
  5. But can we think a bit deeper into this because it really MAKE NO SENSE.
  6. Why would someone become vegan?
  7. Veganism is an attitude and a way of life that rejects the exploitation of and harm to animals (human and nonhuman).
    Copy and pasted from veganism.com
  8. Okay cool. You don't eat meat cause it requires killing a living thing. You don't drink milk because cows are given hormones and treated badly to produce more milk which lowers quality of life for a living being.
  9. I get all of that.
  10. However, what is honey?
  11. Honey gets its start as flower nectar, which is collected by bees, naturally broken down into simple sugars and stored in honeycombs.
    Copy and pasted from honey.com
  12. Honey is part of the bee's process making and storing food.
  13. Now here are a few more facts:
  14. Commercial honey farms are pretty bad. Most of the time they take all of the honey instead of leaving the right amount for the bee's survival.
  15. "That's horrible! I will stop buying and eating honey then."
  16. NO! That would be the same as saying you will stop buying oranges altogether because most commercial companies take them away from locals and leave them with no food source.
    The oranges thing is not true. That actually happened with quinoa though.
  17. No, the sensible thing is to do your homework. Buy local. Know where your food is coming from.
  18. I have vegan friends and the cause is great.
  19. But if you feel guilty about drinking milk or eating honey, find a local dairy farm and buy from them. Go to your local farmers market and ask the honey farmers about their bees.
    They love to talk about them. It's like talking to horse people they don't shut up.
  20. Instead of striking all businesses, do even better and support the ones fighting the bigger battles. The battle of being the bigger man and not short cutting with hormones and abuse.
  21. #DoYourResearch