Tv Shows I'm Watching This Fall

  1. Survivor
    RIP Peih-Gee 😭
  2. The Flash
    Grant Gustin is bae.
  3. Jane the Virgin
    This show makes my heart smile.
  4. Fargo
    Kirsten Dunst's 70s hair is everything.
  5. Fresh Off the Boat
    I'm telling you, I'm Evan Huang.
  6. Billy on the Street
    Pop culture and yelling. #selfexplanatory
  7. How to Get Away with Murder
    #Coliver for the win.
  8. Crazy Ex-Girlfriend
    Gotta give musical TV shows a chance.
  9. Scream Queens
    Emmy Award nominee Niecy Nash is the best thing about this show, hands down.
  10. American Horror Story: Hotel
    VAMPIRES?! 😒😒😒