Inspired by @benjets
  1. IBS (misdiagnosis). After several years of ongoing agonizing abdominal pain and every test under the sun, including needles put deeply into each of my wrists for some fucking reason, I was given the "yeh we have no idea what's going on" diagnosis of IBS. Turns out I had stomach/bowel adhesions from a bad stomach infection I got in Mongolia.
  2. Food Poisoning In Mongolia. 20 hours of vomiting and shitting. 13 of which spent in a Yurt and then 3 in a car driving to a hospital. FML.
  3. I once had this parasite, it made me so sick I couldn't eat properly for about 18 weeks, it grew to 3.8kg and I had to have it surgically removed through my abdomen. The doctors gave it to us to take home. We kept it. It continues to grow externally.
  4. Morning sickness. About 18 weeks of feeling like I had the worst hangover ever. Imagine migraine level headache, nausea, bone-crushing tiredness for 24 hours a day. For weeks. Srsly, FML.
  5. Once a horse stood on my foot and then the horse slipped in mud, my foot still under its, together we continued to slip down the hill. Every now and then, on a cold winter's morning, my foot will still ache...
  6. Broke my arm as a kid but my parents thought I was just banging on a bit and they didn't take me to the doctor for a week. Joke was on them amirite
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