The Movie Titanic Explained by Someone Who Has Never Seen the Movie Titanic

I'll be honest I haven't seen it because I think it looks boring. Besides I think I've got the gist of it...?
  1. Leonardo is a poor young kid who works on the Titanic
  2. Kate Winslett is a rich young woman going for a trip on the titanic
  3. They're both super hot and so despite their class difference they hook up
  4. Their holiday romance includes a hot night of nude painting
  5. It also includes a weird moment where Leo climbs up onto the ship's mast or something and yells 'I'm the king of the world' like he's five years old
  6. Titanic hits an iceberg and sinks
  7. Leo lets Kate have the bit of raft they find, all to herself, and subsequently Leo dies
  8. The End