Welcome to my bleeding heart, lefty, liberal utopia
  1. Close all of our off shore detention centers and establish refugee application centers as close as possible to the areas of displacement.
  2. Introduce a carbon tax. Economists agree it's the most effective policy.
  3. Strengthen the maternity and paternity leave requirements.
  4. Increase taxes on the extremely wealthy, both company and personal.
  5. Focus government spending on public transport, research and education, Internet access, healthcare and a welfare safety net.
  6. Legalize gay marriage.
  7. Make coding, economic history and feminism compulsory subjects for high school students.
  8. Implement copyright reforms (see PhD thesis) aimed at encouraging innovation and investment in new technologies.
  9. Bring in quotas for women and indigenous representatives in positions of leadership (a policy that obviously requires certain practical qualifications and limitations).
  10. Pursue engagement programs with the Muslim community.
  11. Place quite severe capacity limitations on establishments selling alcohol (unless alcohol is a secondary service i.e. music venues)