Sadly this is more east coast but maybe after my next Cali trip I'll have insight on the west side.
  1. Whites Castle: sorry west coast but a midnight White Castle binge defines "stress relief". Like really Dr's Should prescribe this sh-t.
  2. Mashed potatoes: need I say more? Cause if I need to say more ur a lost cause
  3. Sonic: can I just bathe in the slushes? And don't forget to ALWAYS order the ched'r'peppers- multiple orgasm in my mouth.
  4. Bacon on just about any burger. If you don't have the bacon your doing it wrong.
  5. Ben and Jerrys: not just amazing because of their support for Bernie. I just wish jimmy Fallon's midnight snack was still available
  6. Diner: happy waitress and disco fries. Fuck yes!
  7. If you're ever in Newark/Harrison in NJ go for Gina's Pizzeria mega slice- it's like the day started with puppies and kittens not shitty birds singing at 430 am to get ur lazy ass up and to the gym to rev up for a sarcastically Fan-fucking-tactic Day.
  8. Wawa: order a sammich of your choice and they'll also usually have a wide variety of fresh fruit of you wanna act like you're doing something healthy!
  9. Dunkin': cause when life gives you lemons you tell Beyoncé to shove it up her ass and make millions and you'll stick with munchkins and a frozen dunkachino
  10. Leftovers in mom's fridge: because this was adulting week, bills were due , broke set in and momma telepathically knew you were in distress and hANGRY. Just don't forget she deserves a thank you.