Not even a live journal #blogspotdotcom
  1. EDGE OF 17
    Yes, it was in caps for dramatic effect. And yes, I wrote about the seating arrangement for my birthday party the following week.
  2. Fencers ready?
    There are six posts dedicated to my three weeks on the fencing team. When I quit, I told my coach I had pushed my body to its limit. I was wearing a wrist brace that I got from CVS.
  3. Johanna Table
    Anthropologie had a table with my name so I wrote an essay comparing it to my romantically fraught freshman year. I ended with: "It is an expensive table, but it is solid."
  4. Love's an excuse to get you like to hurt?
    Every title during this period was a depressing mis-quote from Bright Eyes. Editor's note: I had not yet kissed anyone and previous posts detailed hugging tactics.
  5. Goodbye 2004, good ridence
    Fuck you 2004, I will no longer be bound to you and your expected use of spell check.