I love pop music. But I also really love hearing musicians take risks. I'll make the perfect album list another time.
  1. Surf's Up - Beach Boys (1971)
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    HI-LITES: Feel Flows, Long Promised Road…the real gems are the last 2 tracks “Til I Die” & “Surf’s Up"...This is 👌👏. The majority of it was musically directed by Carl Wilson - not Brian who was deep in his bathrobe/ sandbox/ health food store moment. Brian had written versions of “Surf’s Up” & “Til I Die” with Van Dyke Parks & originally didn’t want to record them for the album but ended up pulling through with them. And man… they are ones for the headphones. The whole record's just wild.
  2. Neil Young - Neil Young (1968)
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    HI-LITES: I've been Waiting for You, The Loner, I’ve Loved her So Long, Here We Are In The Years...Neil’s first solo record after Buffalo Springfield (Also lil fact to impress babes w/: he was briefly signed to Motown in a band called The Mynah Birds with Rick James). Anyhow… he's got some gorge, soulful lady backup singers with him on this. Ry Cooder on guitar. One of the best trippy album covers of all time & just generally underrated in my opinion. It’s a great record cover to cover.
  3. McCartney II - Paul McCartney (1980)
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    HI-LITES: One of These Days, Check My Machine, Waterfalls, Temporary Secretary...After his first solo record Mccartney I (which will one day go on my Front to Back Perfect Records list - ((🍒 It's the one with the cherries on the cover)) & Before Wings broke up: Paul got super duper high and experimented with a bunch of synths and samplers... and made this wacky ass record.  If it's genuinely too weird (it's weird). for you try McCartney I or Ram
  4. Here Come the Warm Jets - Brian Eno (1974)
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    HI-LITES: Cindy Tells Me, Needles In the Camel’s Eye, Baby’s on Fire, Here Come the Warm Jets...I know this record’s not really underrated. But Brian Eno generally is! This guy is really just an amazing mind and experimenter! This was his first solo record after leaving Roxy Music and there’s just the right amount of chaos and just the right amount of pop. Some tracks are wackier than others. Like this? Try “Taking Tiger Mountain..." & “Another Green World" 
  5. Link Wray - Link Wray (1971)
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    HI-LITES: Fallin’ Rain, La De Da, Fire & Brimstone... @seanryanpierce suggested this one & he's right. This album is 👌. Link Wray (who FYI invented the power chord) recorded this record in his brother’s chicken shack that he had converted into a 3-track recording studio. Homegrown gorgeous rock record. Because he had developed a following as a rockabilly musician the album was a big shift in sound & was received badly by most but apparently he didn’t care at all. Go Wray!