Crack-like Healthfoods and My Names for Them

Sorry for the douchebag nature of this list. I just really like these. Also I'm not gluten free/ only eat all this spirulina stuff cuz it helps w/ anemia & these taste good. Who cares leave me alone.
  1. SuperEats Kale & Chia Chips AKA Cool Ranch
    These fuckers taste like Doritos.
  2. Betty Lou's Nuts about spirulina & ginseng balls AKA Betty's got balls
  3. Earthling Organics Matcha Bar AKA Green Brick
  4. Heavenly Organic Honey Patties AKA Honey Yorks
    Addicted to mini Yorks (not the dogs) also... The fun little gold wrapper ones are good too.
  5. Mary's Gone Crackers Gingersnaps
    No nickname because I feel really bad for Mary.
  6. Suzie's Thin Cakes AKA Suzie's too thin.
    The corn, quinoa & sesame turns stuff into popcorn sandwiches.
  7. Spirulina and Goji Cubes AKA Hiker Cubes
    Haven't hiked in a minute either. Soon tho! You can find these usually in the pick n' weigh section aka the buffet.
    Suggested by   @rebeccafern