Here's my dream from last night
  1. (Mom was visiting). I had a car.
  2. She told me the 6 train was leaving early.
    Sprints off... She's tiny and fast.
  3. I went to park the car - zero spots.
    Speeding thru the blocks.
  4. Got in fight with garage man who wanted to charge me 500 smacks.
  5. Started to rain.
  6. Intermission. (Pee)
    I actually didn't. But you can.
  7. Suddenly am at an Ivy League school with a very old man professor who assigns a long essay.
    Still raining.
  8. I was unprepared and my pencil kept breaking.
    Borrowed a blue pen from guy called Mike who didn't care much about school but had a lot of gear & wore a Sherpa coat.
  9. Then I asked the prof. if I could support my thesis with evidence from a film made in the last 25 years. His face lights up and he says of course.
    Almost like he knew what I was gonna write about.
  10. TWIST:
  11. I write a 10 pager about Daniel Hillard's character in Mrs. Doubtfire
    He didn't need to grade it. I knew it was an A paper.
  12. Fin.