I know it's weird but I just never saw em as a child! Tried a time or 2 in my adolescence to correct it but was frankly way too high. Kids. Anyway I saw ep. 4 & 5... I loved them.
  1. Here's mainly why.
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  2. And this.
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  3. And this!
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  4. I know this is apparently one of the most famous lines in the trilogy but I had no idea and fully lost it when this happened. 👉🏼
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    Also genuinely surprised at how many kisses Leia and Luke went thru with considering that they're siblings but I'm down.
  5. This.
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  6. I also know this sounds ridiculous but Yoda genuinely is so smart. And made me cry.
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    I can also do his voice so well!
  7. But this.
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  8. Episode 6 this weekend!
    Holler if you'd like to join. Or have a movie quality Chewy mask. This is where I'm at. Goodbye.