Me Time in NYC

5 city activities that I do day to day on the solo that may seem sad to others... But that I have really come to cherish.
  1. Sitting in front of my gas heater.
    I've seen over a decade of NY winters. This one was particularly snowy and the world was up in arms. This is the spot. Once you thaw enough everywhere else seems cold. I like to write songs here and eat food and also just sit.
  2. Stretching my spine on Subway Pillars
    The Samuels' have back ishes. I don't know when I discovered it but nothing feels better than stretching out against a corner of a pillar off the Carroll Stop or even W. 4th. I'm aware that they're fully filthy and that I probably look insane but it fulfills me.
  3. Touching clothes I can't afford or shouldn't buy and leaving
    It really fulfills (most) of my capitalist impulses and I still get to wear the same clothes I wore in the 8th grade. Most of them actually fit me way better now anyway.
  4. Being in a huge rush to get somewhere with very low blood sugar and getting sugar tourist nuts from the nut man or nut lady.
    Ya know!
  5. Touching guitars I cannot afford and getting the stink eye and then leaving
    This actually can be painful.