Sometimes I take my glasses off subconsciously reacting to stress, joy or social anxiety. Many times l'lI put them down and leave. The following are real instances captured by my boyfriend.
  1. At the Christmas party next to the pâté.
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  2. On his pillow
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  3. At my Grandpa's house next to his bowl of wooden prop oranges and lemons
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  4. On our sink that's so tiny it should be in an airplane bathroom.
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  5. At my mother's house next to her bowl of real oranges.
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  6. Fridge. This one was probably out of stress. I obviously had the hardest time finding them.
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  7. Reporting live from the New Year's Eve party.
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  8. On my keyboard that one day will be a real piano.
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  9. Raised up on my head
    And then search the entire place for them
    Suggested by @mkz