1. Riggles
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    Listen. I was trying to think of a more original one... And I'm sure I will later. But I think a lot of us can agree (even men) that he (Tim Riggins the character - not Taylor Kitsch the actor) is the definition of sex. He's misunderstood. He'd be a nightmare to date but knows what he's doing. He's v. strong... with the arms and such... v. handsome. He's got Jordan Catalano hair and a southern drawl. (Which is my accent of choice). I mean there's not much more to it. He's just fly.
  2. Ween
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    These guys are amazing musicians and loyal users. Throughout their musical careers they used drugs as both a creative tool and an exercise in humor. Every one of their albums is under the influence of a different drug (deeply affecting the sound and tone) And because of this they have a huge range in musical style. They have mad chops so it doesn't matter how fucked up they were they're still wonderful records.
  3. Petty
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    Is forever a rebel & in his moment was too much to take 🔥 He had the best band. Croonin' about being the sensitive "boy in the corduroy pants" who would always love you right you if you'd only let him. In reality he'd certainly break your heart into a million pieces without a second thought because he's the leader of the heartbreakers & that's rock n' roll. He looks like a female rat with insanely beautiful blonde hair and his attitude makes it all so badass. I'll forever be a woman in love