Went to visit my main man's hometown in northern CA in this weekend to see his tiny little Granny and here are some material possessions that stirred me up.
  1. ✨🙏🏼✨🔌 found antiquing. shoulda bought it? Very expressive.
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  2. Went thru a box of granny's photos of family, friends, loved ones... We stumbled upon some evidence of an apparent enemy. And it made me laugh a lot.
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  3. Antiquing. 3 bux couldn't pass that up.
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  4. You're invited 👄
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  5. Just in case. Also antiquing.
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  6. Granny's chair moved me because you can tell it has been loved. Also her angel figurine. Also her cane and lady hat.
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  7. Please pass the seafood dept. (Not intentionally antiquing but possibly antique) ?
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  8. Granny's shower cap JUST KIDDING this is mine.
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