Some Good Things I Found

Went to visit my main man's hometown in northern CA in this weekend to see his tiny little Granny and here are some material possessions that stirred me up.
  1. ✨🙏🏼✨🔌 found antiquing. shoulda bought it? Very expressive.
  2. Went thru a box of granny's photos of family, friends, loved ones... We stumbled upon some evidence of an apparent enemy. And it made me laugh a lot.
  3. Antiquing. 3 bux couldn't pass that up.
  4. You're invited 👄
  5. Just in case. Also antiquing.
  6. Granny's chair moved me because you can tell it has been loved. Also her angel figurine. Also her cane and lady hat.
  7. Please pass the seafood dept. (Not intentionally antiquing but possibly antique) ?
  8. Granny's shower cap JUST KIDDING this is mine.