I fell almost 4 seasons behind on Mad Men. Then my friends started having Mad Men parties for the final season. I got fomo and I went in to catch up alone. I'm involved... & quite vocal
  1. (Smiling) "He's a rascal."
    Re: Roger Sterling
  2. "FINALLY."
  3. "Well that's good"
    Re: Ginsberg and his nipple in a gift box.
  4. "Always sick."
    Re: Don always getting very sick.
  5. "You just hate women."
    Re: Don
  6. (Nodding). "It's just different."
    ....with Megan. She CALLS him on his shit.
  7. "Lindsay..."
    Re: Lindsay Weir from Freaks and Geeks suddenly being on the show and having a huge sexual part. And having a weird pencil mole. And realizing I had never really seen her bangin bod because she always wore her green army coat.
  8. "Why are you even still here?"
    Re: Cooper
  9. (Whisper). "MOLE."
    Don's flashback with the prostitute and she pencils her mole. And it all links back...
  10. "Angel you're beautiful"
    Re: Betty's weight gain. Even tho she's a nightmare.
  11. "He loves women."
    Re: Don... The mole made it clear. He just loves them. And is running from Dick W.
  12. (SMH) "Honey that's your shit."
    Re: Don
  13. (Saucy) "Deserves that and more"
    Re: Joan negotiating her partnership at the company. After all she's done.
  14. "That's your father Sweetheart"
    Re: Sally walking in on Don and Lindsay Weir.
  15. "DAMN."
    Last shot of Season 6.