1. Creme Rises
    Set against the backdrop of the 1969 World Series, little known company Oreo takes on the big dog known as Hydrox and eventually reigns supreme in the battle for sandwich cookie superiority. Find out why Oreo took home the trophy - and learn Hydrox's biggest foul.
  2. Better Late
    Nina Simone died in 2003, and now documentaries, tribute concerts and albums are being released to bigger fanfare than in her lifetime. Meet the company that is behind the multi million dollar industry of creating lucrative estates for late musicians.
  3. Tasteless
    Meet the author of the highly successful "Truly Tasteless Jokes" series of books. Track the books' rise in popularity in the mid '80s through its complete disappearance by the late '90s. Malcolm Gladwell narrates.
  4. USB
    With an average lifespan of 4.5 years, most data transfer protocols (DTPs) come and go, but USB has held strong for over two decades. Learn the politics behind longevity in the tech industry, and exactly when Steve Jobs knew not to 'think different.'
  5. The Wrong Place
    Todd Buckman has strange luck. He was in Washington DC the day Reagan was shot, in Tokyo in 1995 during the subway gas attack, In New York on 9/11, and London in July of 2005 when terrorists detonated 4 bombs. The FBI is forced to look at theories far beyond their usual methods, into the conspiratorial - and even the paranormal.
  6. Jolie: Girl, Intercepted
    A very unauthorized look at the "highly calculated" and "diabolically schemed" colossal success of Angelina Jolie.
  7. Out From Under
    Jimi Hendrix lifted his persona from a man named Otto Wells, who performed locally in Olympia Washington in the mid 60s. Elvis Presley took "Hound Dog" from the blues artist Big Mama Thornton, and Eddie Van Halen learned everything he knew from classmate Steve Schmidt. Find out why the original article doesn't always make it, and what makes those who do so special - and maniacal.
  8. Area Man
    Jacob Mills has been on the news over 300 times. Traveling to the sites of both local and national breaking news, he pretends to be a town local, offering his "homegrown" perspective on everything from gas leaks to serial murders. Many news outlets have his picture posted in their vans warning against interviewing him, but they are often ignored... because Jacob is 12.
  9. Stupid Rich
    Lemon nets. CD jewel cases. Gumball machines. Meet the ultra rich inventors of such seemingly mundane items and travel with them on their yachts, visit their lavish vacation homes, and find out why sometimes, winning only once is worse than never having won at all.
  10. Wargasm!
    Michael Moore directs and narrates.
  11. Ranchero
    Follow the life of a 1972 Ford Ranchero through all twenty owners. From Carl, a divorced steel worker, who drove it home from the lot to Steve, a recovering alcoholic who drove it up the Alaskan Highway and sold it to fund his own Kickstarter. When life gives you a sedan, make a pickup.
    Suggested by @elooto