1. Fixed a bug where artisanal cheese shops weren't loading correctly
  2. Added "people you shouldn't know" feature
  3. Adds a feature that automatically removes suggestions that completely miss the point of a list
  4. Increased stability and duration at 💯
  5. Gritty, uncomfortable self reflection no longer reads as "TMI" on some devices
  6. Adds a feature that allows you to "direct list" somebody.
  7. Fixed a bug where ListApp would "out" some users to their parents when using wifi and Bluetooth simultaneously
  8. Insecurity updates: self doubt now 10 percent more charming and relatable
  9. Adds support for Chinese language
  10. Sea salt can remove a wine stain from a shirt!
    Just rub a little on, leave it overnight and the stain will come right out. Even if the shirt is white!
    Suggested by @angusisley